a poem from colette

We've know each other since age three
two peas in a pod; yet, quite different you see
playing barbie, riding bikes, coloring and t.v.
for the next five years, quite inseparable we would be.
She was dynamic, intense, head-strong and quite smart
I was quiet, creative, athletic and could fart
Julie's pets, David's nemesis, Charlotte's grandkids...we were two
of a kind, of an era in which lasting friendships were few
i moved away, we were parted, we wrote letters saying much
through our folks and Jewish holidays we were able to keep touch
from age eight to eighteen we grew up separate ways
she was wild, i was mild- I an athlete, she straight A's
A motivated academic and a sorority chick
she could lead a feminist meeting and arouse many a dick
i won games, garnered friendships, and explored many things
started to finally let go of the long since faded apron strings
after college we strayed farther from our initial building frames
she a lawyer, me a coach- she won debates, I'd win games
Yet, thanks to life's irony in our late twenties, we remeet
as artists in the la la state of California we retreat
She a writer, I an artist - our parents would be proud
our collective earnings are pathetic, we are happy, we are loud
creative thinkers, exhibitionists, revolutionaries and much more
the country has no idea for the impact they're in for
we will challenge you and teach you and learn from you and grow
like two peas in a pod, we withstand rain, sun and snow
Once kids on a bike, now adults in a bar
we've come a long way and are reaching quite far
in another twenty years who knows we're we'll be
as Colette and Rebecca, Debbie and Becky
We listen, we don't, we express and we hide
we have a lot to share if we let you inside
take a deep breath and join us on a journey of the heart
of the head and the soul, through literature and art
see a movie, read a book, sing a song, sing a few
be proud to be alive, be proud to be you
i love her like a sister, through very different we'll always be
friends forever,
deb and becky

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Copyright 1996 Colette Freedman, courtesy of Rebecca Eisenberg, mars@bossanova.com. All rights reserved.