Less Interesting Mirabella Article

In October, 1992, I was quoted in Mirabella.

that wasn't as special as the GQ article, but it was still pretty cool.

This article was called "A Harvard Killing," and was written by David Marc Gross, who, along with Mirabella, probably owns the copyright, so don't mess with it, okay?

Again I note that the following are only brief excerpts of the article used solely for the purposes of criticizing it, ... of course, i urge you buy the magazine! or else, send them a check in the mail.

David wrote about the incident where two really bad geeks from harvard law school, craig coben and ken fenyo, wrote a "mock law review" including a sexual satire of a female professor who had been recently murdered, and distributed the parody at a psuedo-public event that happened to be held on the first anniversary of her death. (great taste, guys!) Speaking about Harvard's general lack of respect for women and for women's studies, here's what David had to say:

In this Left/feminist interpretation of events, violence against women on the street and disdain for feminist scholarship in Ivy League classrooms are parallel expressions of society's hatred for women. Elizabeth Bartholet, a Harvard law professor who teaches a course on alternative parenting, said, "The disgusting treatment of [the murdered professor] at the hands of the Law Review was shocking to me, but Harvard is a quintessentially white, male place and you take a faculty that is quintessentially white, male with a sprinkling of women and there is no surprise that feminist scholarship gets no respect." Bartholet complains that Harvard's atmosphere is characterized by a sense of fear on the part of many women who speak out against male hegemony.

okay, here's the reference to me, a chick who speaks out against the "white male hegemony"!

Rebecca Eisenberg, an editor on the Law Review, illustrates how insidious this intimidation is, and how it can induce a state of apprehension that is close to paranoia. A few days after she criticized the Revue's authors she was injured in a hit-and-run accident. Some people thought the two events were connected. "The fact that people latched on to the car incident reflects the real intimidation many of us are feeling. Maybe the danger is not real, but the fear is," Eisenberg says.

that's it in there! no reference to egg-fusion this time, sorry!!!

anyways, before ending, david notes that:

Alan Dershowitz continues to defend the Revue authors on free speech grounds.

and, here's another reference to my friend, marie-louise ...

Shortly after her election as student-council president at the law school last semester, Marie-Louise Ramsdale, former WLA cochair, overheard two male students talking about her: "They said they 'couldn't believe that the cunt got elected.' " What makes the remark so dismaying, she emphasizes, is the awareness all Harvard Law School students have that today's asinine undergraduate is tomorrow's senator, president or Supreme Court justice."

let's hope not!!

and people wonder why i quit being a lawyer???

so, anyway, mirabella says that:

David Marc Gross is a reporter in Time magazine's Boston bureau and a third-year student at Harvard Law School.

(or, he was, then)

ha! now you wanna meet me?

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