Rebecca's 15 Minutes of Fame!

Rebecca is Famous!

yep! i've been written about in many of modern culture's top periodicals, including GQ, Mirabella, and even The New Republic. I also won 2300 dollars in cash and prizes on Family Feud, but that won't be accessible on-line until ABC gives me permission to plug my VCR into my powerbook and make it available to you! (yeah, as if i know how to do that already anyway!). In the meanwhile, Ellie Kurloh told me that she'll let you read the book she wrote about me up here ... as long as you don't reproduce this, or try to make money off of it, or blow it up into life-size posters and throw darts at it. After all, these things are copywritten ... mainly by people who are not me!

So, read away:

Did you know that I also sang with ABBA in concert ????

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ha! now you wanna meet me?

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