Rebecca Lynn Eisenberg, Esq.

Holding degrees from Stanford University and Harvard Law School, Rebecca Lynn Eisenberg, Esq. is a highly-respected and well-known industry analyst, technology columnist and Internet business consultant.

Her frequently-cited commentary and analysis of the Internet industry, called "irreverent and fiery" by CBS, spans all media. She pens regular columns for both and the Sunday business section of the San Francisco Examiner, and her work appears regularly both in business publications including Upside, Wired, Time Digital, the Red Herring and Fast Company, as well as on television.

A licensed attorney and seasoned Internet professional, Eisenberg created her first highly profitable e-business in 1995, when she built, the Web shop for a Houston-based record store. After creating, the first Web product for Cyborganic, she spent the following years as an independent consultant to numerous high-tech start-ups, including Quokka Sports, Adjacency, Inc. (recently acquired by Sapient), Aurigin, Inc. (formerly SmartPatents) and Pixar Animation Studios.

Her contributions have included advising and editing business plans, planning and creating marketing materials, designing successful client pitches, and advising on Internet and e-commerce investment and strategy. Prior to 1995, Eisenberg served as an attorney, advising and drafting decisions on behalf of three federal judges primarily on matters involving copyright, patent and trademark, and securities regulation.

Called "one of the sharpest commentators in tech-reporting ranks" by, Eisenberg has received numerous industry recognitions and awards, including most recently, one of the "Top 25 Women on the Web." Her pervasive Net contributions, anchored by her popular personal Web site launched in 1995, as well as her 300-subscriber strong Internet mailing list, establishes an unmatched record of achieving ubiquity efficiently, effectively and with elan.

In May, 1999, Eisenberg became co-founder, CEO and president of chemisTree, an e-commerce start-up focusing on the consumer Web space. She is currently available for a limited number of consulting assignments, focusing on e-commerce and Internet start-up investment industry analysis. For information on consulting availability, email

Eisenberg regularly appears at industry events and conferences speaking on a wide range of matters concerning Internet and technology business and culture. For information on public speaking and availability, email

Eisenberg's Web home resides at She can be reached most easily on line at or, or by telephone at 415.437.2232.




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