i do not cook.

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 14:16:41 -0800 (PST)
From: Bagus Haig 
To: ethernet betty 
Subject: Re: carnival! (fwd)
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Ok, I do the cookin. I dig cooking when I have the time. But, if you
know of any great stores for finding decorations and carnival regalia,
I would greately appreciate it.

Well, we can celebrate Concordia ourselves when we get the chance;-).
Have fun at Drue's talk tonight and hopefully I will see you tomorrow.


On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, ethernet betty wrote:
> argh. bagus, ask me to write a legal document for you, or number crunch
> some statistics for you, or even wash your car ... but anything having to
> do with cooking puts me in a really really bad mood. i'm sorry! i suck!
> blame it on my parents; it's their fault. i *loathe* cooking with a
> passion usually reserved for things like taxes.
> that being said, i have some good books on rituals and will happily look up
> info on carnival ... wait ... i'll check right now ....
> FEB 22: CONCORDIA ... is a celebration of the roman personification of
> hamony, the feast of good and favored relatives and friends. it was sweet
> to count the living kin and make peace with each one of them, to devote
> family dinners to ironing out differences .... blah blah ... presents
> exchanged ... blah blah ...
> i also found a really cool chant to do for candlemass, or february eve. ...
> which is the basis of the feb festival, ... wow, this one is all about sex,
> fire, oh, but it supposedly happened a few weeks ago ... hm ...
> i can't go tonite to shop because i am going to the women in multimedia
> meeting at 7:30 to hear drue miller speak (remember i invited you to come
> with:) .... tomorrow nite i will gladly help out in the kitchen, although i
> suspect that, once you see my cooking behavior, you will not want me there.
> (oh, and i absolutely refuse to deal with dead animals in any respect
> whatsoever).
> oh, and i will happily eat any food you prepare;)....

> At 1:16 PM 2/21/96, Bagus Haig wrote:
> >help?
> >
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> >Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 10:55:53 -0800 (PST)
> >From: Bagus Haig
> >To: noise@organic.com
> >Subject: carnival!
> >
> >
> >Hey, kids, as you probably know, I am cooking for tnd tomorrow. I plan
> >on going shopping tonight and gettin foodstuffs and party favors to
> >accentuate the thematic development of the pagen rituals surrounding the
> >carnival theme.
> >
> >I was wondering if anyone wants to help. I could use a partner tonight
> >in collecting the goodies and tomorrow in the preperation thereof. So,
> >if your schedule is at all free for tonight or for just Thursday evening
> >and ya felt like giving me a hand, I vould be most appreciative!
> >
> >-Bagus
> rebecca lynn eisenberg
> cyborganic betty.
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