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February 21, 1996: unfrustrating

what is going to distinguish my true friends from my not-true-friends is the way they deal with the way i am right now.

if i have to apologize one more time for the fact that i am busy, i am going to scream. i already do not sleep. i am going to cry.

i have a faq; i have a daily journal; if people want to track me down, they know how. two new faq questions are necessary, i guess:

why don't you write me back?

if you are a friend: because i cannot make it to the event you are telling me about, but i would have loved to have attended; because i have already received that chain letter/political satire/list of jokes/internet virus myth in my mailbox so i immediately trashed your letter; because a proper response would take a little time and i have none; because i have to prioritize my obligations, and the not-fun things must come before the fun things; because i haven't even finished unpacking already and cannot locate that thing you want me to locate.

if you are someone i do not know but who has sent me a nice email regarding my page: thanks for the nice email! i would write back, but, for the reasons stated above, i have enough trouble keeping up with the people i do know that it is rare that i have time to keep up with the people i do not know. but i do appreciate the mail.

why haven't you called me back?

well, if you called me at home, i probably did not get the message until late because i cannot call into my answering machine (yet); because i cannot afford long distance charges, and when the rates go down out here in caifornia, it is already two in the morning your time; because, until i get a thinnet line to the cyborganic router, i cannot be on line and on the phone at the same time. i am working on that, though.

mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.

in the past, i have had friends who were busy ... i have understood and remained their friends. i really like my friends! i hope y'all, if you are reading this, do the same.

glad to get that off my chest.

that was not the only thing i thought about today. i again mulled over my guilt and feelings of inadequacy over having become a lawyer-turned-writer rather than a programmer. here's my latest twist on it.

it seems to me that, if any given individual does not get around to writing a certain program, it still may get written. the trick seems to be to be the first.

with writing, on the other hand, if a particular writer does not write a certain piece of writing, or produce a certain production, the world could go on forever, and it would not get written. writing in unique. there is something about that which i find incredibly appealing.

yet, it bugs me that the fact i am not a programmer is just so gendered. at least i don't cook.

speaking of which, i attended the women in multimedia meeting tonight, at which drue miller, a cyborganic regular, gave a smashing talk about -- no surprise here! -- women in multimedia.

drue is just fabulous. and it was a great meeting ... even though nary a programmer was present.

anyway, so that is why i have not written or called.

i'm busy!





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