Remembering: Yale Jared Weiner

on october 31, 1995, one of my best friends and favorite persons in the world, yale jared weiner, passed away at age 27. yale was a truly good, kind and generous individual, always eager to place the needs and interests of other people before himself, and always able to see the silver lining in even the most seemingly hopeless situations. yale had a unique ability to cheer people up with his cynical sarcasm, corny humor, and somewhat nihilistic philosophies. when i think of yale weiner, i smile.

after spending two months writing, pondering, trying to figure out what was "appropriate," and then giving up on answering that question, i decided to create an on-line home in tribute to yale's memory. this page contains a couple pictures, a couple poems (one kinda upbeat (that was VERY hard to write) and one terribly sad), a list of yale-links, and other assorted information. i am hoping that it can be an interactive place where people can visit and drop off a few memories of their own, in order to share them and keep fond memories of this amazing person alive, even though we cannot keep yale alive.

feedback is not only welcome; it is encouraged.

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the kid from houston

there was a young lawyer named yale,
whose khakis were tan, his skin pale,
like tarantino,
and al pacino,
he truly could spin a great tale.

there was a kid named yale j. wiener,
who had the most uplifting smile and demeanor,
he could look at a scene,
that was depressing and mean,
and always make the grass look greener.

there was a kid from southwest houston,
who would watch the simpsons for some fun,
he admired hal hartley
and would laugh heartily
when TV nation had begun.

i was so privileged to then know
this guy who was high when he was low.
we would hang out at my pad,
and try not to be sad,
by listening to the disco radio show.

yale was a one-in-a-million-type guy
who put up with me when i would cry.
he would let me be happy
when i felt so damn sappy,
by sighing that special yale sigh.

yale would telephone me every day,
and have something tragically funny to say,
he was never too proud
to laugh at himself out loud;
and then sigh in his homer simpson way.

yale's law firm would send him off to trial
for weeks on end, but he'd manage to smile.
when the chips were down,
all would want him around,
because he would always go that extra mile.

a more loyal friend i have not known.
yale stood in a class of his own.
i would tell him a secret
and know he would keep it,
with nary a whine nor a moan.

a young man who was kind and was wise,
yale's heart was simply the wrong size.
and the tragic irony,
one plainly can see ...
was that this enlarged heart was his demise.

a better person i never did know.
a catastrophe that he had to go.
but as time passes by,
and we laugh, and we cry,
my love for yale merely will grow.

there was a young lawyer named yale,
whose khakis were tan, his heart frail,
he lived a life that was good,
and touched all that he could,
... that kind, caring person named yale.

rebecca lynn eisenberg ... december 31, 1995

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