Topic 113 [sexuality]:  Promiscuities - by Naomi Wolf
#207 of 367: Wagner James Au (wjamesau)      Thu Oct  2 '97 (16:51)    41 lines

 > You have no basis for that remark, as certainly, none exists.

 In point of fact, the basis for the remark is entirely empirical:

 About six months ago, after a party, Rebecca Eisenberg forced her
 tongue down my throat.  Following which, she said, "If you buy me
 dinner next time, you'll get even more than that."

 Fascinating behavior, even more so given Ms. Eisenberg's putatively
 liberated, sexually free-spirited comments here.  I also believe the
 event offers a perfect microcosm for all the reasons that men
 sometimes turn down sexual offers made by aggressive women-- as was
 my ultimate decision.

 Fortunately for the subject at hand, we can discard motives which
 are unique for rejecting Ms. Eisenberg.  After all, men often sleep
 with aggressive women who are not as intelligent as they seem to
 think they are, or display an apparent disjunction between their
 public assertions and their private actions.  (I.E., women who are
 goddamn hypocrites.)  Neither did I fear Ms. Eisenberg suing me for
 breach of implied contract, if I failed to give her an orgasm, for
 example-- the extraordinary Burning Man incident was months away.
 I cannot even cite as motivation the offense she gave to my own
 muddy meddled feminist ideals, such as they are-- most men are willing
 to provide, if offered sex as a reward, a reenactment of courting
 rituals less like the appropriate social behavior of educated men
 and women of the 90's, and more suitable to the film *ouvre* of
 Annette Funicello.

 No.  Here in this instance we are left with what I think to be the
 three universal motives for men spurning aggressive women:

 1) They do not find them to be all that attractive or sexy.

 2) They do not find them to be all that likable.

 3) They *do* find them to be totally, unavoidably, batshit crazy.

 I hope this has been informative.  And I wish to thank Ms. Eisenberg
 for her collaboration in that enlightening demonstration.

Topic 113 [sexuality]:  Promiscuities - by Naomi Wolf
#264 of 365: Wagner James Au (wjamesau)      Thu Oct  2 '97 (21:05)    26 lines

 The meeting of tongues between myself and Ms. Eisenberg occured
 immediately after the birthday party of (jukevox), at his loft on
 Cesar Chavez.  I believe (brad) and (kevins) witnessed us leaving
 together, as all of us were engaged at the time with Ms. Eisenberg
 in a fascinating albeit bizarre discussion about gender as a social
 construct.  Also in attendance was a childhood girl friend of
 Rebecca's, whose name I unfortunately forget.

 The actual incident-- the French kiss and her accompanying quid pro
 quo offer of the Helen Gurley Brown variety-- occured minutes later,
 in the front seat of Ms. Eisenberg's Saturn.  (She was kind enough
 to drop me off at my apartment.)  The girl friend was in the back
 seat, and I assume she saw and heard the whole thing.  However, given
 that she is a witness for the defense, as it were, I merely relate
 all these details to jar Rebecca's memory.

 Understand-- though hitherto I've related this glandular adventure
 in cognitive dissonance only to a handful of friends and acquaintances--
 I'm not at all comfortable about relating it here.  But when I am forced
 day after day to watch Ms. Eisenberg construct for herself a persona of
 righteous hot pants cyber feminist-- on the radio, in the newspaper, on
 the Internet, and most gratingly, in this forum which is essentially my
 mental backyard--  well, I paradoxically and unwillingly find myself
 forced into the role of Anita Hill.  In her name, then, I hereby
 present this pubic hair on the Coke can.

i hate to say it but i don't want you.
sexist assholes don't do it for me, sorry.
no, fucking two chicks at once does not make you "enlightened"

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