[wjamesau@well (pts/19 16:53):
Shoot, I was giddily anticipating your eloquent riposte, and now it's gone!]

                [mars@well (pts/59 16:53):

I did repost


                [mars@well (pts/59 16:53):

but i kept a certain part of it non-reposted.


                [wjamesau@well (pts/19 16:55):
Ah!  Reading it...]

                [mars@well (pts/59 16:57):

don't you prefer to flirt than argue social theory?


                [wjamesau@well (pts/19 16:59):
I thought arguing social theory *was* flirtation.  It leaves all
sorts of room for long glances, meaningful pauses, and such.]

                [mars@well (pts/59 17:00):

Indeed.  But it goes down much easier when there is a set of tapas and wine between
 all those glancing eyes.  I'm hungry.


                [wjamesau@well (pts/19 17:03):
Ah, those too.  Is there a set of tapas nearby, that you know of?
I can provide the pair of glancing eyes.  Maybe even two pairs.]

                [wjamesau@well (pts/19 17:10):
I'll have to check my schedule, too.  But it's something to anticipate,
oh yes, it is.  And tapas make for great finger food.  That is to say,
taking tapas in fingers and bringing them to another's lips.]

                [mars@well (pts/59 17:14):

Oh, my! I do believe I'm being out-entendre'd.  I'll have to take all this under


       [wjamesau@well (pts/19 17:18):
Fair enough.  I'll have to ruminate an appropriate time, then.  Shall
I mention this to the lovely Maori I'm seeing?  I described you to her,
and she was quite taken.  And that would mean two pairs of hands with
which to feed you.]

                [mars@well (pts/59 17:23):

Would you like to mention it to her?  She sounds interesting, and I'd like to meet

And so that I can file this appropriately, what is the nature of the relationship
 between the two of you?

                [wjamesau@well (pts/19 17:28):
I will indeed mention it to her.  We're seeing each other informally,
I'd say, on terms of mutually agreeable friendship and physicality.
Our only ground rules for this, beyond respect and affection, are that
we share any third person who has become an additional object of desire.]

                [mars@well (pts/59 17:39):

Interesting.  Do you only share in a same-time-same-place manner, mind my asking?

(Trust me, none of this is new to me;  I somehow
manage to fall onto too many het-bi couples' hotlists.)

        [wjamesau@well (pts/19 17:43):
Hmm, same-time-same-place is a variable we haven't really discussed;
it was just assumed to be the case.  When you say "too many couples",
do you mean that that's not an appealing configuration for you?]

       [mars@well (pts/59 17:47):

Appealing in theory, sure.  But the reality often (not always) leads to more baggage 
than I bargained for.  Did you see 'chasing amy' yet? 

                        [wjamesau@well (pts/19 17:52):
No, I haven't seen *Chasing Amy* yet.  It's something I've been
wanting to see with this, you know, lesbian lover of mine.  Though
in our case, she's the one who launched herself at me.  Anyway,
I understand the reticence of baggage.  Those are the emotional
Vuittons I'm trying to avoid myself.  Which is one of the reasons
I value my relationship with Alison Moana.  I think the semi-
incompatibility of our sexual orientation makes us more honest
with each other, much more than were we both het.]

                [mars@well (pts/59 17:56):

I mentioned the movie because of a wonderful (imo) and true (again imo) 
description of the pitfalls of threesomes that amy mentions.  It resonated.

Do you fancy yourself a 0 on the Kinsey scale?

       [wjamesau@well (pts/19 17:58):
I'm really looking forward to this damn movie!

What's 0 on the K scale, again?]

           [mars@well (pts/59 18:03):

'entirely heterosexual'


                [wjamesau@well (pts/19 18:06):
Hmm.  Let's see.  All my lovers have been women, but I have
occasional crushes on men which I'm comfortable with, as I
am fantasizing about them.  On the other hand, I find women
infinitely desirable, awesome, extraordinary, and men, next
to none of these things.  Sound like a 0?]

                  [mars@well (pts/59 18:14):

I have an answer to that, but it is long, and it includes words like "unresolved
 issues about women."  Not an uncommon imperfection in perception.  Grant me a 
raincheck on this one while I go back to tracking down a workaholic source for a
certain article.

                [wjamesau@well (pts/19 18:17):
"unresolved issues", eh?  I'll have to hear more about that one.
This is the sort of thing, Rebecca, that makes you so infuriatingly
scrumptious to me.]

i hate to say it but i don't want you.
sexist assholes don't do it for me, sorry.
no, fucking two chicks at once does not make you "enlightened"

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