Have A Problem With My Name?

Many of you have expressed grief and confusion over the use of my "official" and, perhaps, "professional" name, "Rebecca."

It seems that you want to call me "Becky," and some of you ( from nameless chat servers?) even want to call me "Mars."

Allow me to indulge myself in a little explanation.

Rebecca was a biblical figure who was both beautiful and wise. A prophetess, Rebecca was said to have been "ahead of her time."

With open arms I eagerly embrace the symbolism represented by the identity of Rebecca, the literary character. Can you blame me? Really.

Becky, however, is more of a playful, fun-loving child. Sure, go ahead and call me that ... but just don't be surprised if Rebecca does not respond.

Finally, Mars is the planet that rules me, my alter-ego, who takes over when i do such reckless things as hang out on bbs's or write cruel poetry about former bosses. I am never responsible for any action undertaken by Mars.

All set now?

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