Rebecca's Release from Prison-Hell

(Special Edition)

Updated December 7, 1995 by Rebecca L. Eisenberg

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This week's topic: Former Poetry About Very Mean Bosses , aka our tax dollars go to this Originally dated July 1, 1995, reissued in revised form December 7, 1995.

Another poem by rebecca lynn eisenberg, and copywritten as such.

she told me that i'm out of touch
with reality and such.
she told me that i have no clue
of what's appropriate to do.

she told me that my very sight
causes her to cringe in fright
because, although my writing's great,
my manner she had grown to hate.

i fell asleep at one key meeting
and even though, we both were sitting
next to each other, in our chairs,
she thought to look at me or stare
would somehow implicate her in
my nap: my crime, my shame, my sin.

and when i asked her why she did not make
a sound, a tap, or nudge, to wake,
she snorted that my sad condition
had "immobilized her with humiliation."

then, when her evil speech was done,
i imagined that she'd pull a gun
to shoot me dead right there in chambers
and blame it on embarrassed fingers.

i dyed my hair, i tweaked my style
i cried on the phone once in a while,
but the thing that drove her most berserk,
was that i rollerbladed to work.

ah, now that i am free to skate,
i sit and type and celebrate,
because i am closer to bliss,
now that i am free of gladys.

by rebecca (still alive)

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