medusa II
This time, I know better.
by rebecca lynn eisenberg

yet a fifth joint ReadMe and Rebecca's Rants effort


Even if you would apologize
For putting me in danger,
For risking my life as your own,
For being a rotten stranger,

Even if you were sorry
For telling me a lie,
For betraying my foolish trust in you,
Each night awake I'd lie.

Even if you apologized,
I would see what's there, what's true:
You are a fraud, a hypocrite,
And I don't forgive you.

Sure, I never thought I'd leave you;
I'd never let you go.
But I never thought I'd learn the things
I permanently know.

When I think about our 'romance,'
The good times are a blur.
I miss more not we had,
But what we never were.

I'll never have my justice;
It never will be fair.
Just go contaminate others.
At this point, I don't care.

Don't worry, I won't warn them.
They will find out on their own.
You won't change; you don't want to change.
In that, you're not alone.

But this time, I know better.
I've finally found a clue.
I've seen your best, and now your worst,
And I know what to do.

So go ahead, apologize,
Plead guilty until you're blue.
Get on your knees and beg, you slime.

I still won't forgive you.


No badge is earned,
But I have learned.

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