READ ME ... yeah, right. Right?

READ ME is a creation of Rebecca Eisenberg, who somehow believes she has something to say. she is deluded, but feels comfortable in that state. after all, justification and denial are two of her favorite activities.

she couldn't help it. mars took over.

why "READ ME"?

well, "READ ME" is the text file that comes with every shareware application you download, every graphics program you purchase and every directory that you unpack on your desktop. The point of calling it "Read Me" is to encourage the typical computer user to read it.

but does that work? does anyone actually read the "Read Me" file?

of course not, silly!

my mission to to change all of that.

hence ... READ ME. the new text file that you will read.

i mean, you're reading this right now, aren't you?

heh. i thought so.

what will READ ME contain?

i'm not sure. let's take this day by day, okay?

for now, it looks like read me will contain the following:

how is this different from Rebecca's Rants?

i'm not sure, but it just is. the two are not mutually exclusive.

is this a zine?

yes. READ ME will attempt to be a daily zine. deal with it.

um, but i wanna know more!

Read the Rebecca FAQ, dammit!

Ready? Then go to the READ ME index.


Can't handle the excitement?
then back to Rebecca's Revenge you go!

Copyright 1996 Rebecca Eisenberg