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january 30, 1996: icb: a happy place

my friend @ told me an interesting story on the icb the other day. because i liked the story, and because i have not yet linked to @, and because i am too lazy to write up the stuff i started writing on saturday nite, i will repeast back the conversation to you here, in somewhat patrick-esque form.

(of course, some names have been changed, and certain statements have been deleted, in order to protect a little privacy.)

<*@*> :) hi
<*@*> HELL yes baby!
<*@*> [=Flirt!=] Hi, are you a silicon valley professional?
 Pooh, you should make secure java icb.
 that means writing server.
<*@*> too noisy in there, all that unix chatter
 serversocket doesnt work well yet, i think
 Perhaps we could do it as a Special Operations project.
/m @ i love it when boyz talk unix ;>
 it can be done. you'd have to do the encryption in native

methods, thats about it. Rockee, do you have any wire cutters? <*@*> I'll never forget the day I realized I was truly living in the <*@*> future. <*@*> It happened one morning over bagels c just wants me to sysadmin for b so he doesn't have to. download this phone grunt work on me. <*E*> how is your day going? Exactly well it won't work, i tell you! i refuse! We're hiring a sysadmin asap <*@*> (Many of my transition moments seem to occur accompanied by <*@*> bagels... memories of my Grandparents New York apartment on <*@*> Sundays...) <*@*> I was out at the Bagelry, one Sunday morning, with several of <*@*> my Santa Cruz geek type friends. <*@*> All female, as it turned out, myself and 4 others. <*F*> hi <*@*> They began discussing one of their houses unix box and domain <*@*> name and such (the think tank's), and esoteric details of unix <*@*> system administration. <*@*> I finally, finally!, got to say -- realize, I grew up in an <*@*> era before this was possible -- "I *hate* it when I'm with <*@*> girls and all they talk about is computers." Very true


Compilation finished at Mon Jan 29 15:16:43 <*@*> It was as if the world had finally caught up to me.

twas my idea. so there

it compiled. now i must dig a tunnel and test uh, well.. there is that.. /g @@ [=Status=] You are now in group Biosfear cool.

thanks, @!





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