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february 2, 1996: philosophical

this evening, i was reminded of certain philosophies i learned to follow in high school. the first one i read in seventeen magazine; the second one i figured out myself. the third, i believe, came from the sol gordon book, "the new you."

first, i was told, if you smile at people when you walk down the halls, you will find that more and more people will begin to smile back at you.

second, i learned that, often, if you treat people as if they think of you the way you wished they would think of you, they then begin to think of you that way.

third, i was reminded that it is useless and counterproductive to attempt to win the respect of people whom you do not respect.

rather, there is no greater thrill and accomplishment than gaining the respect of those whom you yourself respect.

sometimes i think i learned more in high school than i have in all of the years since then.

now, if only i could do as i say, not as i do ...





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