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february 21, 1999:
The Tag Line

"Dont ever sell yourself short. That's everyone else's job."
with gratitude to my grandmother Charlotte

I had just about given up on the existence of any creativity in film over the past year. Then, I turned on HBO and saw "The Ice Storm." I had finally felt - - for two weeks, at least - - that I had could relax a little. Then something I was depending on went away. I lost one excellent gig. Then I gained two even better ones. I was beginning to think that I had run out of luck. Then I went back to Las Vegas. I was backstabbed by one person. Then I was helped by three others. I was going to spend an entire weekend hard at work. Then I found a reason to be distracted.

Welcome to life. It can be astonishingly unpredictable.

I am now trying to find a "tag line." The process has sent me into a metaphysical identity crisis of sorts. How do I want people to remember me? What is the "asset" that I communicate? What do I write about, anyway?

I'm not always sure what it is that I do for a living. All I know is that I spend way too much time doing it. And that I love it.


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