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February 27, 1996: hope

dealing with depression always references my theory on suicide, hope, and the active decision to live.

i think that every day that we live, we are choosing to live.

even if the bad things outweigh the good things, and even if the pain outweighs the happiness, we choose to live. if you are reading this, you are alive. you have chosen to be alive.

because life sometimes really really sucks, sometimes that choice is not wholly rational. but still it seems to make sense.

here is my theory: the thing that keeps a person alive in the face of a lot of unhappiness is hope. as long as a person has hope, a person chooses to live.

without hope, the will to live is lost.

so anyway, i have hope.

sometimes, i am a shameless optimist. even as i revel in my misery.

today hope was rational, even. not everything went wrong.





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