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February 29, 1996: exhaustion

today i was simply exhausted.

i felt so spent.

everything was a challenge. i mean, everything went fine, i guess, but everything was a challenge to acheive. even the smallest things.

i am exhausted as i type this.

but type i must.

today, i should probably type about my day. enough of this philosophical stroll down memory lane. although, i am a bit excited to tell about the jordy philosophies, now that i have talked about the andy philosophies.

maybe i will do that tomorrow.

today was okay. i had a meeting. i felt like such a bitch, trying to get things done. it was frustrating.

i guess, perhaps, i was just being exhausted.

"90210" and "party of five" were both boring tonight. perhaps i should change my television rant. i have to finish that, still, anyways.

i did get invited to a really groovy party; so now i have something to look forward to.

right now, two a.m. on thursday morning, february 29th, i am so exhausted that i feel like i do not even have the energy to get into bed and go to sleep.

but i'll do it anyway. the 29th of february is a strange day. i am excited to make the most of it.





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