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March 2, 1996: time warp, part II

today, to begin, i should refer the reader of the readme back to january 23.

i started the day strong.

i woke up at 7 a.m., whipped off a couple emails, gathered together my four weeks of dirty laundry, drove to the laundrymat one-half block away, and did my laundry.

then, i made copies of my keys for my landlord, who has been whining for them; and spotted a beauty shop next door. feeling lazy, desperate, and poor, and figuring that my hair could get no worse than it already is, i bravely dove into the shop, and allowed two women who speak only spanish and no english to cut my hair.

it turned out to be a wise decision, and quite a pleasant experience!

i pointed to a photograph in a book, and ten minutes and ten dollars later, my hair looked a hell of a lot like the photo.

how relieving!

feeling quite chic, i finally bought a new pair of sunglasses, to replace the pair that completely fell apart last week.

then, i treated myself to some bagels at the bagel store, came home, paid my rent check to my landlord, and scooted off to cyborganic, where i spent the entire afternoon and early evening.

it was a busy afternoon, filled with me making dreadfully faux-pas-ish mistakes on chat boards, and answering a lot of emails with giving off the entirely wrong tone and impression.

so, the day went down hill a little! shit happens.

here is a picture showing how drunk i got at tnd thursday nite, hanging out with some fabulous cyborganic buddies.





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