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March 6, 1996: hope, part II

here is what i do at 2 am:

the topic of today: what makes a rainbow?

 aha!  she's buffing up for an alternative conversation
no, i am trying to answer the question you posed on the sb, duh :)
 refraction of light thru water vapor in the air
 heh, caught in the act.
there is a term for it, though
 That's rainbows.
 'swhy sky is bluer in moist places than in dry places
rainbows are refraction
 i was baiting nick, with his witty little prose
 It's defraction that makes the sky blue.
 nic is hungry.
 refraction, defractin, whatever
there is a difference
but there is a name for the principle .. kinda like heisenberg's uncertainty 
inciple but a different principle
 rebeca, what was your concentration in law school?
pornography, dave
although law school does not have concentrations
 The bands of radiation that are visible to the human eye which
 pass reasonably well through the atmosphere is mostly in the
 blue.  Untill you get a lot more atmosphere between you and
 the light source, aka the sun, at
 which point, the majority of the radiation you're seeing is in
 the red.
 well, depends on the law school i'd imagine :)
i published three articles about the first amendment and stuff
 this conversation just reminds me that i need to get back into
school is awesome, nic
but it is expensive
 on a related note, my girlfriend is going to kill me.
 ya "pornography" as a topic hits everla amendments
 (if i move to sf)
 several areas of conlaw
 bring her with you
well, my arguements tended to be toward the side that pornography is 
relevant t
o the 14th amendment as well as the first, but the supreme court disagrees, 
most cases
 school is only expensive if you're a private school weenie :)
private school ... ah.
 The law of pornography, "Insofar as using your hand to
 masturbate your sexual organ with pleasant enthusiasm,
 diddling the clitty or wanking the spanky will heretofor be
 used to refer to said action."
silly, colby... that is only the client-side, not the server-side
 oh my
legal concepts translate easily to internet concepts
 oh god.
  /topic server-side pornography
[=Topic=] colby changed the topic to "Client<->SERVEr interactions."
 advice: never play "i never" with cameron. he's brutal
 Well, sorta.
[=Topic=] colby changed the topic to "SERVEr Push.  Push...PUSHPUSHPUS"
 ew.  i would never wanna play "i never" with cameron
[=Arrive=] paradox ( entered group
 push pus?
 rebeca: i want you to know you're going to miss out on my
 cooking in a very big way.
 it is late
 beca: which part of the 14th?
 hey paul!
 Paul, come work for BigBook.
 ha ha!
 you guys are funny
equality.  but there is no equality for women, so it would also be the 19th.

 We need the people.
 paul, sen dyour resume to me and then i'll send it to bigbook
 tonight and we'll split the bounty
 damn it
 but you have to do that in the next 12 hours
 my resume says "paul is a big stupid d00d"
 That's no problem.
 i know i've been an ass colby. i'll write it up in html or
 something and fax it.
 Hand deliever it.
 there's no equality for women ? they get to complain a lot
 more than men.
 someone fax me some kfc.
 i just about hand delivered mine
 colby: i could hand-deliver it.
 Okie doke, bring it up tomorrow.
 david: let's go kick some ass at big book
 It's settled.
 good excuse to ditch work
 Is there a problem?
 colby: problem ?
 None?  Good.
 rebeca, 19th is pretty weak, just talks about right to vote.
 you're better off using the 14th directly. brigning in the
 19th just muddles things and makes it look like you're really
d: you wanna read my articles?
 It's late.
i say that, basically
 i should pull out the 'big book of sexual positions' and
 re-think that statement.
 send 'em my way
 <--took 2 semesters of conlaw in college and thinks he's an
 time to wash my face
 and my teeth
they are at my home.  not on line
 <--has a copy ofr stone, seidman, sunstein, tushnet in his lap
i don't own the copyright to any of it.  two owned by harvard, one by yale
 <- gets nervous.
 not online???
<------ intellectual snob
i tried to ask them permission, and they were like, fuck off
not even like i got any money for them
 neale smith is such a babe.
[=Name=] duh changed nickname to brb
 no nono what you shoulda said is "you wanna be on the web?
 here, we'll do a sample run with my articles..."
hls isn't even on the web.  *i said that on my web page didn't you read 

 you guys are legalese nerds
 yeah i remember that now but still
 hey, the daily cal is on the web.
 bye folks
[=Sign-off=] paradox ( has signed off.
 boy, harvard must suck :)
 i didn't read it
harvard totally fucking sucks
and everyone there should take like a gachillion ludes and get over 
 so 3 guys are in the bathroom
but other than that, it is an okay place
 one from cal, one from stanford, and one from usc
 all at the urinals
yes ...?
 usc student finishes, goes to the sink, spends aobut 10
 seconds there. "at usc, they teach us to be efficient"
[=Change=] Group is now named HEadow.
[=Pass=] colby has passed moderation to caliban
[=Depart=] colby (colby@[]) just left
 stanford student finishes, goes to the sink, spends about 2
 minutes there. "at stanford, they teach us to be thorough"
 cal student finishes, heads straight for the door, saying "at
 cal they teach us NOT TO PISS ON OUR HANDS"
is that it?
i don't get it
 that's it.
so, cal kids walk around after peeing without washing their hands? ew!
 it's a relatively male-specific joke.
 no, stanford kids are pretentious about their education
 wherewas cal kids actually learn something
i learned how to get a great tan
a skill i seem to have since forgotten.
 commentator for the cal vs stanford basketball game last
 weekend: "hey, mom and dad,you're paying $29k a year so your
 kid can dress up as a tree!"
i tried out to be the tree
 really? whoa
didn't get it
 i could only aspire to be oski
 i realized early on that it was far beyond me
so many  interviews.  the costume design thing was hard too
 i can't drink beer thru my eye, so i fail a basic
shit. what the fuck it is late!!!!!!
 it's 5am here.
 it's 3am here
 i have a potential job interview in 7 hours
 i'm two hours more hardcore insomniac than you re.
 yeah but you lose points for being in wisconsin :)
my mac is gonna crash soon i know it
i need an indy.
 forced removal
 me too
 i'm going to bed.  gnite
[=Sign-off=] brb ( has signed off.
 maybe i can buy one for cheep before i go
for me?
shit, brb
 i would assasinate the president for a box of cookies right
 maybe for you
 maybe for me
 time will tell





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