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March 11, 1996: so, this is multimedia!

ha! everyone tells me i waste too much time on my home page.

i do not! this takes about 20 minutes a day. and, this is multimedia!

tonight, i watched a television show called "the computer man." it was all about the internet, and some things about cd-roms. the computer man (aka mark bunting) interviewed jim clark, c.e.o. of netscape. jim clark's insightful comment was that "we need more bandwidth!" sure we do, jim. and how about something interesting carried through that bandwidth? ... read about milli vanilli! watch the foo fighters' new video! read about music gossip!

then there was a really boring segment about weather forecasting on line. i typed this during that segment.

the show ended with mark bunting, filmed in slow-frame that closely resembled quicktime videos (clever idea, mark!), reassuring us that "more macs are coming!"


a lot of my friends took a "geek run" to the movie "heavy metal" tonight, but i stayed behind to pay overdue bills and fill out health insurance application forms.

ah, the life of the "free-lancer." every minute is an opportunity. every minute is an opportunity cost.

feel free to read my movie reviews i uploaded yesterday.





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