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may 17, 1996: republican, dude

here is an interesting question.

think you can top this?

Steve writes:


Have you ever dated or would you date a Republican? I went on a date last night with a Woman who got completely hostile when I told her I was a Republican (She was a Woman Studies Grad from Smith by the way). It was so bizarre. We were both attracted to each other (two blondes..we could have been brother and sister) and then suddenly WHAM!!!!

I am even a Pro-Choice Moderate for God sakes!!

It was the old "Republicans are all sexist, racist pigs" crap.

Well another date from hell story.

Like it wasn't obvious about my political beliefs. A Beacon Hill living, preppie dressed, software salesman........oh well live and learn


Dear Steve:

Despite your eccentric capitalization habits, you ask an interesting question, I confess.

In fact, this very topic has been an item of debate among some of my women friends and myself. Elizabeth pointed out the differences in our stances in the infamous GQ article about us that was written when we were in law school.

Nonetheless, even though I said at that time, and still tend to believe now, that I would in fact sleep with a republican, I have to conclude that the answer is No, i would probably never date a republican.

Or, more accurately, I would probably not date a republican again. I have had not-so-pleasant experiences with republicans in the past. Not really with regarding to macking or anything, but more with regard to trying to carry on a conversation. Inevitably, a republican is going to say something i find to be unattractive -- like, "did you see Rush Limbaugh last night?" or "I am so embarassed, he thought I was gay!" or "That Bob Dole sure has the right idea!"

I usually am stuck saying, "shut up and kiss me, you good looking clean cut bundle of cotton and khaki, you!"

And sure, republicans are sometimes very good kissers.

Furthermore, I should mention, that many of my friends openly disagree with me. They would not even touch a republican with a ten-foot pole, much less grovel with one once in a while like I sometimes will.

I mean, being a republican does not mean that a person is racist and sexist and homophobic and all that crap, but if you are not racist and sexist and homophobic, then why would you call yourself a republican? It is like wearing a banner that says, "I outright reject any attempts to change this terrible world ... I am traditional!"

This is not to say that I truly enjoy dating people that call themselves Democrats, either. Bill and Hillary sometimes drive me up a wall. Did you hear the latest -- how they are in favor of outlawing same sex marriages? Now, as I have stated oft-times in the past, I am not a fan of the institution of marriage altogether, but to have it exist, and then restrict it to beaver-cleaver breeder couples, is outright lame.

Give me freedom, or give me death. No, I would probably not have very much in common with a Republican at all.

If you intend to keep dating, and especially want to go for women as top-notch as women's studies majors from Smith (and I mean this with absolutely no sarcasm), then you might want to re-think your political stance. Sure, you may claim to be non-sexist and pro-choice, but you openly allign yourself with a political party that brags on its platform that it is in favor of reinstituting so-called "family values" like "women stay at home and work for no pay as they raise the kids," and "Christianity is a really good thing to push on children in public schools."

If for no other reason, this republican thing may well interfere with your ability to get laid. And if no other logical reason convinces you to abandon your party loyalty, perhaps that very good reason in itself will.

Good luck,

and take care,



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