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may 24, 1999:
advice of a familiar
is not to be ignored

Success is not the best revenge.
It is the only revenge.

I should have updated this page earlier. Edward came home a week ago Friday. It has been difficult. He has been on medications. I find out later today, when I take him to a check-up, whether or not he will need surgery immediately. If I learn that he does not need surgery today, he may still block again and need surgery at some time in the future.

No matter what, I am convinced that we will be ok.

And, right now as I sit here, I am grateful to Edward. He saw something in me that I was not noticing myself. He saw that the spirit in me that launched me out of the legal profession and into the life I currently live was now starting to push me again.

I misunderstood this at first. I saw it as "burnout." People who believe that they were my friends insulted me with the suggestion that I was in "rut." Others called it all sorts of things, from impatience to frustration, from depression to conceit.

The answer is a lot more simple. It is time for a change. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen. I did it before, even though I backed up into it. It took a move to Houston, a death of a best friend and a complete loss of faith in the legal profession for me to leave law.

This time, I don't need death, cross country journeys or disbelief to venture forward, eyes straight ahead. I have things that are much better: life, a home and faith galore. I also have a familiar, whose advice must be sound.

After all, it is my own.

Rebecca, what do you think that Maude was like at age 31?


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