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september 6, 1996: i can't summarize it

i refuse to be all dramatic about burning man.

i had a wonderful week of blissful escapism.

here are some of the things i learned:

i love being alone .. especially at night. i love relying on myself and trusting myself ... trying to find my inner strength.

i love fire.

i love it when people assume that i am on fucked up, when what they really see is is a part of me that they had not seen before.

i love twirling in my gray and black hippie skirt.

i love those glow snakelike ropes that i love to twist around my ankle.

i love to escape.

i love it when people feed me.

especially grilled cheese.

i love beautiful things.

i love beautiful people.

i really really really love to laugh.

i kinda almost love it, but at least find it fascinating and not too disturbing when people make me very much a part of their experience in a non-mutual way.

i love living a life full of surprises.

i can say i love things, even though i don't really believe that love exists.

i can avoid bad elements if i put my mind to it.

i can seek out good elements in most things.

i love riding a moped. i love riding a motorcycle.

i do not care if i am never socialized.

i love having a few true friends.

i love not having to pretend to be a freak.

i am partly insane, and i don't mind.

i am not very afraid of death. i am not very afraid in general.

the world is a huge place.

the world is a huge place.

i don't understand why i love some things. i don't know why i find unconventional and arguably silly things wonderful.

my guardian angel has not left me. she is teaching me a lesson.

and i am the best fucking student in the entire world.

i did not learn all this at burning man.

but i did have confirmed what i sometimes suspected ...

that there are as many possibilities as there are possible explanations.

and that when push comes to shove

fuck it.

i am happy to be me.





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