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september 19, 1996: what a difference a day makes

Thanks, Dinah Washington!

I did it, for now.

No one else could do it for me.

Yesterday I chased away the demons.

and I was able to sleep last night. For hours and hours.

And room for good things to happen appeared.

Like, I was a second-time recipient of Cruel Site of the Day. And I earned a bit of money. And I am getting published in a magazine, and one two more web sites. And I made some fabulous new friends. And, and, and ... see ...

Bitterness can be empowering.

If you remember to unleash it against the bad, and not against yourself.

In the past, I have had a consistent tendency to want to run away when I felt surrounded by the bad forces.

Now I have learned that I can stay put, and send them away instead.

It can't hurt to try.





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