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november 2, 1997:
truth or dare

Memo To Self:
Just because someone is being particularly nice does not mean that that person necessarily is hiding something.

The other day I had a Madonna Moment.

I think that there was a scene in "Truth or Dare," or maybe I just projected it, but for some reason I visualize Madonna in the beginning of her career, being extremely nervous about an upcoming performance. After working her ass off in preparation, she pulls it off beautifully.

She goes backstage and sits down in front of the mirror, an anonymous bouquet of roses to her right, and cries.

My smart friend Jay always manages to point me towards the universal truths: "Everyone wants someone with them the night before a final exam."

"And also at the Awards Ceremony," Christine adds.

Progress retrofitted for the decade of low expectations: a Black Cinderella, a non-white prince, Whoopie Goldberg as the Matriarch, Jason Alexander dancing and Whitney Houston singing us to believe in the "Impossible."

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