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november 10, 1998:
leaving it to the fates

Every single palm reader has told me the same thing: let life happen. That is kind-of an ironic thing to say to a control freak like me, since it takes active effort to "let" life happen. But I can say that the more successful I am at following that advice, the more surprisingly pleased I am with its results.

Then again, it is impossible to know with what to compare them.

Once I felt truly understood when a person described to me his ideal car. He probably doesn't even remember it himself, but I have been thinking about it lately, so I might as well describe it here.

His ideal car, he said, was a giant old Oldsmobile '98 boat, huge and bulking, with loud tacky spoilers and fins, and it would make a lot of noise. The goal, he explained, would be for when he would be hassled by gangstas (we lived in L.A. at the time). The gangstas would approach the the big scary car and expect a big scary guy and instead they'd find
... a little him.

It was adorable.

It makes me wonder: why do people feel so obligated to struggle against parts of their personality that they actually, deep down, enjoy? The question seems so After-School-Special, but as I get older I feel inclined to ask it more and more.

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