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december 27, 1998:
how dare i?

As unpopular as it makes me, I am pleased that the "holidays" are over. Sure, New Year's Eve still remains, but this year was for the first time a season difficult to endure. Christine just moved to the east coast, my parents are approaching Antarctica, and most of the people that comprise my small group of old and close friends were far, far away. I did what any rational person in my situation would do: saw a ton of movies, cleaned out my apartment, and pondered, planned and prepared for the year ahead.

Any challenge provides an opportunity, which might be pollyanna-ish, but I do believe is true. I embraced it, and rediscovered my love of the medium of film, reflected on the challenges that lie ahead (T minus zero) and best of all made my living/work space more bearable and kind. There is so much to think about! So many changes to integrate, confusions to clarify, dichotomies to resolve between external and internal.

That's where optimism comes in. Cheers to all who are reading, and to me for growing and adapting, and at least still attempting to do the right thing.


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