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march 21, 1997:

b . a . l . a . n . c . e

March 21, 1997: Tonight is the night of balancing, where darkness equals light. From this night forward light will prevail over darkness.

I swear.

The Vernal Equinox ritual centers on the annual warming of the earth; the resurrection of the light from the darkness, the renewal of fertility, and the expression of hormones. Did you know that the word "mud" came from the same root as the word "mother"? It is because mud, spring, sap -- these are the things that are supposed to give birth to new life, dreams, ideas, and hope.

Under the Jewish tradition, it is Purim time. Purim is a particularly feminist holiday, because it celebrates the ultimate victory of Ashiveruth, who refused to dance naked for the men, and Esther, who pretended that she liked to dance naked, just so she could infiltrate the Patriarchy and save the life of her brother Mordechai. Jews are instructed to sing, dance, and drink heavily in celebration of the women's triumph against all odds.

I like spring. I am always looking for a new holiday to celebrate, and this one does me well.

Some people fixate on the balancing aspect of the equinox -- that light equals dark. But to me, balance is not really aesthetically pleasant -- things should be out of place, it seems. And, perfect balance is literally impossible -- if there were balance, there would be no motion. But we know that things are constantly in motion. It is (h)Eisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

And springtime means that they are moving in a positive direction.

At this time, the way I feel, that is the only way they could move, and that gives me a lot to look forward to.

Onward, forward, graphical, beyond into future, irritate. Ho.

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