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March 16, 1996: this IS multimedia.

fuck you all, this is multimedia. and i am now, i guess "in mulimedia." and the fact that everything is moving in three directions at once is just a consequence of the fact that this is, in fact, multimedia. i mean it, really.

at least today, it felt that way.

of course, i should not let it get to me that a ton of people now hate me because they take it personally that i pointed out that their company hires very few women, or is not well lit, or does not provide walls.

i guess what bugs me is that these people do not have the guts to tell it to my face that they think that.

i change my mind often. i cannot help but change my mind when faced with a more logical argument or strong evidence that points to the contrary of the conclusion i had earlier adopted.

as i wrote in email to a friend of mine, it saddens me that some people find it ok to bitch about me behind my back but do not have the courtesy to let me in on what they say.

it is not that they are obligated to complain about me to me, but i think it is the more polite and honest way to go about complaining.

after all, at least when i complain, i complain to the world.

i tend to believe that, if an insult cannot be announced to the world, it probably should not be made at all.

and i love feedback ... good or bad, it is helpful because it is feedback.

i usually do not respond to the feedback, mostly because i do not have time to ... but if it (1) makes me think, or (2) makes my day, i am almost certain to respond. sometimes i even respond if it does not do either of those things, in addition.

that is one thing that is fabulous about the web. its potential for feedback and interraction is immense. of course, however, like most things, (and many people), it tends most often not to live up to potential.

on the bright side, i went out to dinner with my parents tonight, along with christine, my dear friend from whitefish bay, who does not have an email address, a good friend of my brother's, and the fiance of this good friend. that was great. my parents are awesome. have i said that already? my parents are awesome.

even if reading this page freaks them out lately.

and then christine and i went to see the coen brothers' new film, "fargo."

i really dig those coen brothers!

the movie was wonderful. witty, intelligent, profound, dark, disturbing, inspiring, absurd. the acting was better than divine.

best of all, the movie took place in minnesota, and everyone spoke with those lovely midwestern accents that i learned to love during the 18 years that i spent all of my time there.

and here is my take on the movie: it was a parody of "pulp fiction."

not like it takes much, but the coen brothers really do make tarantino look like the pop icon that he is. all shell, no substance.

oh, i hope this page is not too "juvenile!"

anyway, in the world of multimedia, no one can hear you scream.

unless they digitize it, of course.





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