The Ice-T Story ...since you insist.

i was in my third year at harvard law school when ice-t came to speak about his controversial song, "cop killer." ice-t said some things that i agreed with, like the fact that he wished that people would defend his song on the grounds that he had every reason to hate cops, as an african-american in los angeles, rather than on the basis of the first amendment, which is just a tool of the oppressor.

he also talked about how we needed a revolution, and that he was going to organize a revolutionary army to rise up and defeat the maintainers of the status quo. albeit a bit self-congratulatory, that was cool too.

but then ice-t said some terribly ridiculous things, like the fact that he isn't sexist, just sexual. he said that we women have to learn that, when a man talks to us, all that man is doing is talking to us in order to fuck us. all men want to do with women, ice-t said, is fuck them.

oooh, that made me mad!

i knew damn well, having spent almost three years at harvard law school, where it was sometimes very difficult to find a boy who would pull himself away from the books or the federalist society for a night of romp and rumpus, that men, at least at harvard law school, often wanted to do things with women other than fuck us. like, for example, borrow our con law notes.

so, when mr. t asked the audience if we had any questions, i raised my hand high. i certainly did have some questions!

ice-t called on me, and i asked:

how is it that you can say that all men want to do with women is fuck them? having been a student here at harvard for almost three years, i can attest to the fact that there are a number of women who wished that men would want to fuck us a little more!

in order to make the question sound more serious, i added:

and, if you think that the only purpose of women is to be fucked by men, do you see women as having any role in your so-called revolutionary army? are women allowed to revolt too, if it is really true -- and i claim that it is not -- that all men want to do with women is fuck them?

i thought it was a legitimate question.

however, ice-t ignored the second part of the question, (since he obviously had no response to that very good point), and instead told me, in front of the three hundred or so harvard students and other members of the boston community and local press:

"well, maybe the problem is that men just don't want to fuck you!"

that is the ice-t story.

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