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february 5, 1996: anti-sleep zaniness

i finally flew back to houston today. i had not slept in so long, that i underwent a strange sort of sleep-deprived experience where every time i stopped moving, i instantly fell asleep. it was odd.

here is how it went: at seven in the morning, after yet another night of not sleeping, i finally finished up everything i needed to do before i could return to houston, pack up my stuff, and get back to san francisco and move into my new bachlorette pad.

in celebration, i decided to sit on jonathan's futon for a minute. next thing i knew, dan and bryna were poking me awake, telling me that my supershuttle had arrived at 67 ramona, all perky and ready to take me to the airport.

the rest is a blur. i sat in the supershuttle; i fell asleep. i got to my gate at the airport; i fell asleep. i sat down in my seat on the plane; i fell asleep.

good thing i have a manual transmission car; i might have fallen asleep on the way home from the airport.

but i made it back, and was reunited with my two kids, whom i had missed dearly.

i took a bath too.

i am happy, i guess.





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