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february 6, 1996: fun with moving!

moving is a strange sort of hell.

i mean, why do i have to move at all? why can't i just stay still, and the world move around me?

moving is more than a hassle; it is inhumane.

i just have so much shit.

and those two words that sang so mellifluous when i moved in here have now come back to haunt me:

closet space.

i'm really going to miss this apartment, too. cool floors, trippy walls, closet space, closet space, closet space. only downside: it is in houston.

today i woke up and started calling moving companies. made an appointment with someone from united simply because they seemed nicest on the phone.

do you really want to hear this? well, what the hell.

then, i picked up three weeks worth of mail -- which weighed my car down substantially -- dropped off dry cleaning, and loaded my trunk with cat and rabbit supplies.

after replenishing my ginseng supply at the health food store, i made it back in time for my appointment with the moving company guy.

that was fun! he was a really nice guy! he said something that i found touching.

he said that, when i go to united to pick up the free boxes they supply for me, i should tip the man who will be loading them in my car, because that guy doesn't get paid much. i stared at him; i couldn't believe anyone would go out of his way to say something so considerate as to another person. of course i'll tip him. a very small act, but my faith in humanity was restored one notch.

then i proceeded to plow through my pile of overdue bills. one of the letters in the heap was a reminder from edward's vet in washington, d.c. that edward was due for some booster shots. so i brought edward to the vet, and then i came home, and then brought jennifer to the vet. going to the vet is always fun because my pets are so cute, and everyone always makes a big deal over them.

i then wanted to go to AAA, and to the other pet store, and to set up the 9000 mile checkup appointment for my car, but instead eric stopped by, which was very distracting, and then i spent an hour writing a long rant to the cc@cyborganic mailing list about the telecommunications decency act.

by then it was too late to be too much more productive, so i hung out on the icb and paid some of my overdue bills.

i even watched a cheesy tori spelling made for tv movie while doing that, and caught the end of the movie at the gym. it was good! tori is truly becoming a better actress. and -- oh! -- her hair.

anything, anything, anything to distract me from packing.

like doing this.





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