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February 19, 1996: dazed

today, calendar-wise, at least, began with my six hour unpacking binge from three am until 9 am, at which point i was finally able to see the floor of my apartment. i actually am starting to love it in here! totally fabulous feeling.

at 9:00 a.m., when my place had started to look good, i was struck by an overwhelming urge to call john, which, of course, i gave in to. he and i chatted on and off as i tried to sleep for the next couple of hours. talking to john is wonderful these days. we certainly have nothing to fight about.

then i spent a little time on the icb, before spending two hours on the phone with someone from data com warehouse discussing how to connect my apartment to the cyborganic t-1 router by thinnet cable. it is possible, but will be a challenge.

then i headed to ramona to read about tables in laura lemay's html book. of course, instead of reading about tables, i talked about sex on the spacebar for an hour.

when i got back home, there was a message on my machine from danno. how strange! but, as eager as i am to talk to him, i logged back onto the icb instead of calling him back right away. i was still on this burning quest to figure out my thinnet cable problem. i guess that going on line was a good idea; i heard a ton of useful advice .... if only i understood it a little better! the one bit that was most interesting was that it might be possible for me to simply run the cable on the telephone poles by renting the space for about a buck a month from the phone company.

you don't really care about this thinnet thing do you? well, once again i am consumed by an obsession that distracts me from my bigger problems.

feeling satiated with geekspeak, i logged off and actually finally joined the gym down the street. hurray, me.

when i got back, i sat and read about tables, finally. and now i am idling around on the icb while i type this.

tomorrow's big excitement is that the cable company is finally coming to set me up with television.

moving is hell. but things are looking up, i guess.





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