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February 18, 1996: rainy

today the rain shaped my mood, as well as my activity level.

i woke up, stood in line fifteen minutes to buy bagels, and brought them over to ramona, where i ate them as i stared at a computer screen for five straight hours.

it was a frustrating kind of day where i tried to do many things, but none of them were working out the way i wanted them to do.

why can't everything just do itself while i just sit and watch?

i wonder why i felt the need yesterday to post the one negative email i received, while i receive so many positive mails.

here is a positive email that i particularly enjoyed:

To: Subject: flattery

What the hell is this? A personal web page that makes you THINK? Now that's a breath of fresh air. It also made me renew my effort to find my missing Pain Teens CD. (Have you heard Suzanne Vega's version of L. Cohen's "Story of Isaac?" I swear, if she'd heard Bliss Blood do it she wouldn't have bothered.) It also gave me this weird desire to see Camille Paglia interview Ice-T. I don't know if it would be the least bit educational, but it sounds like an idea "Details" would go for in a big way... Keep up the good work. Everyone who's anyone knows that a world populated by radical feminists is nothing to fear. A world populated by Barbie and Ken, however...

how funny! ice-t interviewing camille paglia! true, true!

and here's another:

Rebecca, I really enjoy reading your ReadMe. I too have a Saturn and a Mac powerbook. I also have a friend, Heidi Brown, who quit the law stuff and began playing the cello in a rock band (treadmill trackstars). Last night I read ReadMe from Jan. 16 to the present. I even downloaded Feb. 2 to re-read and think about the kids and art stuff, since I deal with both. When I read the "Rob" hate mail, I felt like kicking his ass. What a jerk. Keep on writing.
P.S. I'm envious of the guy you went on the date with.
how nice!

there are actually more nice letters to post, but hey, this is my page, after all!

so, anyway, today was not too eventful. my mac crashed about 100 times, first due to eudora, and then due to netscape 2.0. sigh.

i did write a long letter to my former employer, which i will eventually post. i responded to a bunch of overdue emails, and i finally cleaned out my netcom ftp site. of course, i did not do much unpacking.

i thought a lot about unpacking, however.

so, many people have been asking me what exactly i am working on out here.

i guess it is time to update the faq.





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