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February 25, 1996: change is good

i am trying to turn over a new leaf.

to stop taking everything too seriously.

i think.

i think maybe, if i stop dwelling, i will get more done.

you know, live a little?

so, tonite, last night, saturday night, i decided i was going to go out.

but then i realized that i did not have anything to do!

i did not have it in me to call anyone other than christine, so i called christine, and she told me that she was going to a party with her roommates and then to a bar with elyse. i did not feel like going to the party with her roommates, and hanging out with a bunch of strangers all night, so i told her i would meet her at the bar. she said that she wasn't going to the bar until around eleven p.m., and that she would call before she went there. so, i stuck around here, drinking kalua and skim milk, and eating corn pops (goes well with kalua and milk) and waited to go to a bar at eleven. but of course she didn't call. i was stood up.

next time, i am not going to try to be social. it is about 20 degrees out anyway, and i was quite content watching saturday nite live and sitting under my electric blanket.

i also started writing my "why i watch television" rant. here is the beginning of it.

i will finish it later.

finally, i am posting the february 25th readme tonite, early morning february 25th, because people are telling me that my home page has been giving off the impression of constantly being one day behind. can't have that! so you sunday readers are lucky; you get two readme's to read today.






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