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February 24, 1996: a little better

when i woke up this morning at 11:30 a.m., i finally thought of an idea for ryan's request for 54-word essays. i whipped it out to him.

that felt good.

and then i wanted to go buy jennifer more rabbit pellets. of course, the phone company had not delivered my yellow pages yet, so i had to hunt in search of a pet food store -- preferably a pet health-food store -- all by myself.

i am not a huge fan of the phone company these days.

since i needed more diet coke anyway, i cruised over to safeway to check out the yellow pages at the pay phones outside of the store, and saw that there was a big pet food store just blocks from my home. yellow pages really are handy things. maybe someday i will have a set of my own.

anyway, nothing too monumental happened after i made my jaunt to the pet food store. i spent some time stressing out a little, as usual. i talked to john. i went to the gym. i bought some kalua and milk, and corn pops (the cereal formerly known as sugar pops).

i tried to write a little. i tried to get some stuff done.

i felt very immobilized, all in all.





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