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March 8, 1996: busy!

today i was too busy to update my page.

i spent the first eight hours of the day getting quick lessons on server security ... that was cool.

then i had some meetings ... caleb and sonic even came over to may apartment! that was cool.

my new seventeen inch monitor arrived, and i drove it back from cyborganic and carried it three flights of stairs up to my apartment. damn, that thing is huge. it stretches back about two feet. so that is cool, i guess.

and at night, i went to tnd, as usual.

tnd's theme was goth night, and there must have been 150 people crammed into cyborganic's relatively small space. to make matters worse, forrest was blasting the exact same kind of music that my terrible roommate frosh year in college (10 years ago!) used to play. sad, morbid, whiny, white-people music. yuck.

and people who have nothing to be truly sad about were milling about with white pancake makeup on their cheeks, black eyeliner on their lids, and expressions that seemed to imply, "how droll." it reminded me of studying for the bar in the lower haight ... a lot of unhappy-wannabe's who were really not poor and being supported by their parents.

and everywhere i stood felt like it was a doorway.

maybe it was the music, or the crowds, but i suspect that i may in fact be allergic to goth after all. or perhaps it is just the "goth digerati."





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