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March 9, 1996: exposed

the day started with a spam of letters posted to cc@cyborganic (cyborganic's mailing list) over the fact that carla, or the infamously banal book, "netchick: the [gag ] smart girl's guide to the internet" posed naked for playboy's photo-essay on "women of the internet."

it started with an email from justin ... "look who is naked on line other than me!" *drool* *shwang*

then: a correction ... "no, i meant to be mature about this! my mother would say she is ojectifying herself ... but who am i to judge! she can do what she wants!"

then: "this can be analyzed in THREE(tm) ways ..."

and it only got worse from there.

an entire day devoted to the list discussing how it is not our business to question why carla chose to show off her shaved pubic hair in playboy, amongst the other photo-shop-washed psuedo-netchicks.


what do i think?

well, i was never overly impressed by carla's "post-feminism" psuedo-hip, vapid "smart-girl" style. and her purported idol, camille paglia, has never impressed me with her so-called "pro-sex" denial of rape, harassment and sexism.

there is nothing new or revolutionary about these women's insistence that women share some sort of female essence that distinguishes them from men, or, at least, that looks good in thigh high boots and silicone implants.

in fact, carla's actions were not cutting-edge, brave, interesting, or worthy of a whole day of discussion about how it is not our business to judge.

rather, to me, carla and her poses were, at their finest, just passe.

so, i won't discuss it either.





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