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april 13, 2000:
farewell, of sorts

It was a long time coming.

Today I turn 32, which is 2 to the 5th power, a very non-prime number, yet a unique number nonetheless.

And finally, I learned how to give myself the present I have been looking for:

a life.

Since I wrote last, I found myself a great job, a wonderful significant other, and a social life that involves both. I have traveled to New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles, London and Las Vegas, and have additional trips to Los Angeles, Wisconsin and New York in the works. I spend time behind the scenes, happily, instead of all the time in the spotlight - - a place that for now suits me a lot better, surprisingly enough. And I lack both the time and the inclination to update this page.

So I am finally admitting what has been true since last fall: "Read Me" is in retirement.

It may come back again, once in a while. But for now I decided that a person who spends most of her time writing about her life could not possibly have the time to live it to its fullest.

So, that is my present: me. Catch you in the real world!
It's not such a bad place.

(I'm still writing for money, though)


I'm still writing
my musical debut!
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