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april 13, 1999:
a prime number

It is my birthday today. I am 31. 31 is special. 31 is a prime number.

I still feel young and unevolved. I still often wish, however, that my appearance reflected a bit better the amount of life experience I do have.

I attempted to conceive of some sort of celebration for this event. But I could not wrap my mind around the notion of planning something centered on me. Thus, I resolved to spend an entire week treating myself chronically rather than one day in acute celebration.

So, in the self-indulgent spirit in which I am attempting (truly) to live this entire week, the following is a list of birthday presents I'd like to receive, if from no other person then at least from myself.

Good thing that I don't ask for much.

<eoz> Rebeca should get rebeca for her birthday.
<eoz> Is today your birthday too? Today is rebeca's birthday.
<eoz> 31 Is prime. Rebeca is 31 today. Rebeca is 31.
<eoz> 31 Is a doozy. I/o performance has not improved terribly
<eoz> much, compared to processor speeds or hard drive capacities.
<eoz> Has rebeca improved much?
<eoz> Rebeca is very brilliant.
<eoz> Rebeca is a wonderful piece of poetry.
<eoz> Rebeca has improved a lot.
<eoz> Rebeca is not being sufficiently treated for her birthday.
<eoz> Is rebeca from mars?
<eoz> Yes! Rebeca is prime.
<eoz> And rebeca is confused.
<eoz> Rebeca seeks a higher meaning.
<eoz> Rebeca needs to be treated well.
<eoz> Rebeca is 31 today. Rebeca is 31. 31 Is prime. Rebeca is
<eoz> very cute but needs to think about how she can learn to be
<eoz> free.
<eoz> Rebeca should get rebeca for her birthday.
<eoz> Happy birthday to rebeca!

happy birthday to me


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