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april 24, 1996: now interactive!

two ideas merged in my mind today:
first off, i really do greatly enjoy the hey, faggot! column in the sf weekly
that guy gets to answer all sorts or weird questions
second, i get tons of emails asking really weird questions

so, epiphany! maybe i can answer some of the really weird questions, and be just like hey, faggot! guy!

that would be pretty fun.

maybe i will even dispense bad advice, if you ask nicely enough.

so here goes:

Here is the first, from nice normal, reasonable person "John":


I'm sad that you have decided not to update your 'read me' daily. One good thing about going to work was being able to browse your views on the world.

To keep people like me happy, how about a less frequent update. I could live with a weekly report.


dear john:

wow. that is so cool.


here's one from Dave:

Hey Rebecca:

I don't always agree with you. I can't, as a white male, I'm sort of on the outside--- though in my favor--- I never went to Harvard and one of the perks of my job [insurance fraud investigator] is fighting with lawyers {How helpful they are in putting neck-braces on marathon running accident victims and comp cripples! I know you're an ex, but is that taught in law school? If so, obviously "Watch out for the mysterious van!" is not an important test question] but I like your writing and you always make me think.

As a note---
Not all of us white males are in a conspiracy to stifle and destroy intelligent women. (Why, we even discussed that very point at one of our recent meetings---in a back room thick with the haze of cigar smoke, while being served Manhattans by scantily clad, lobotomized blondes...We decided instead to send troops to Bosnia...)

Keep up the good work on your site. It's one of the very few intelligent ones out there.

No, I'm not sending you money.

I know, I know. What good am I?


nice note, dave. thanks.

i still could use some money, however.

i am not sure what good you are. send some cash and i'll let you know.




yesterday (kinda!)


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