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april 25, 1996: hmmm

i still have hope that people have interesting questions.

maybe the truth is, however, that most people simply are not interesting.

if you you write me i will try to set you straight, like the following bored web-surfers..

from john s.:

Dear Rebecca.

Hello, my name is John S. and I am writing this e-mail to you for several reasons.

To begin with I just finished checking out your really cool web page which I found on Babes of the Internet area (which I found by total mistake..I am glad I did). I would juct like to say that I really liked what you put on your web page it was lots of fun to look through (It was one of the more enjoyable ones..believe me there are some really dull pages out there on the Net!).

I would also like to say that after looking at some of your photos I think that you pretty cute (Please, I am not trying some new/old cyber-pickup line...nor do I wish to come across as Jerk...I am sincere)!!

I am still new at "Surfing" the Net....but I do like meeting and making new friends Rebecca....I am not sure if you are extremely busy or not or that you get very many requests....but if you can please write an e-mail back one day if you can I would love to hear from someone as interesting as you.

Please take care and keep up the great work on your web page!!

John S.

dear john s:

you found babes of the net by accident? alas ... how intrusive to a perfectly reasonable day of web surfing. i did not realize that there were a lot of dull sites on the internet. i primarily hang out here, you see.

re: cyber-pickup line. heh. of course not.

as to writing an email back: sorry, i am too busy updating my page. feel free to check out my FAQ though.

from Keith:

I need to know more about the llama you are consorting with [or, to be more gramatically correct, with which you are consorting.]

Or is it perhaps a guanaco?

Or perhaps even a rather large vicua?

That doesn't look like the Port of Callao, nor Oakland.

The truth is unlikely to be dull; but if it is, make something up [or should that be up something make?]

Just naturally curious... about you and your camelid.


dear keith:

if you are curious about me, read my FAQ .

as i stated in my FAQ , the photo was taken in chile several years ago.

if you are curious about the llama, consult a veterinarian.

take care,






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