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may 7, 1996: not in MY lifetime!

i get some strange letters.

got a not-strange one for me?

Marshall wrote

Hey! Hello, it's me, Marshall P.

How are you? I heard you on KPFT back in January and freaked out. I was pointing at the radio and yelling,"I know that voice! Her ferret bit me on the hand!" I was on the freeway & didn't get to a phone. I've been in Florida since '84 and just came back to Houston. I got laid off. Anyway, I haven't been able to find any of the old gang except you. Do you still talk to Elizabeth, Lonnie, Diana, or the tall guy (Dave?) who wore household items on his ear? I can't remember all the names. So, I'm on this damned aol and I know it's lame, but the mag I write for (Ink Nineteen in Melbourne, FL) is on aol so I pretty much just use it to send in reviews. I need a better service, any suggestions? I hope you are well. If you can't stand to e-mail me on aol, give me a call at ( houston phone number )

Take care.


ok, marshall,

let's get some things straight. sure, i was on KPFT in january, but it should be pretty clear from my page, that i have since (like in mid january) moved back to san francisco. i am glad you were listening to geek radio though. that was fun.

nonetheless, i have never ever in my life owned a ferret, although i do think they are cute. i actually did pet a ferret at cyborganic's thursday nite dinner a week and a half ago, but the ferret did not bite me. you must have done something terribly wrong to have been bitten by a ferret. shame on you.

ferrets sure are cute, but no, i never had one, much less had a ferret that bit anyone.

i do talk to a person named elizabeth, and i once knew a person named lonnie from college, but i have only spoken to him a few times in my life, and not at all since graduation. one of my best friends from high school was named diana; haven't talked to her in a while either. finally, i know lots of tall guys named dave. you really must be more specific.

more to the point, although i did live in venice beach for a year, i was never in anyone's "gang." gangs are bad news, dude. i am happy to hear that your gang broke up. what were y'all selling, crack? if i want that, i can go to 16th street and valencia, a couple blocks from where i live. but i don't usually have a need for that, so why bother. better off not to mess with gangs at all.

so you write reviews for a magazine? now that i find interesting. if the magazine is on america on line, though, it does lose a little bit of credibility points. nonetheless, i would write for it, if it paid me.

so anyway, i guess i'm not the rebecca you are looking for. good luck in your search, and

take care,






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