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may 11, 1996: perspective

the letters are degenerating.


The Knife writes

Want to have Sex or something, some time?

Dear Knife,


However, I will tell you about my night tonight.

Tonight i had an actual recon.

I was not really sure what a "recon" was, before tonight, but now i know.

"Recon" means, "night of climbing on roofs and waxing philosophical while checking out the beautiful city you live in."

for a long time, i have been trying to coerce friends of mine to climb roofs for me and staple ethernet so that i can have a real nice connection to a nearby t1 router. i didn't have much luck convincing anyone to do this, at first.

possibly, i didn't have much luck convincing anyone to do this at first because i was trying to convince geeks to climb roofs, and geeks, as a subspecies, do not climb roofs.

or, possibly i did not have luck convincing anyone to climb roofs at first because i had not yet purchased and lit my "luck" candle, which is sitting beside my computer and burning right now.

i am not sure what the right explanation is. nonetheless, tonight two rock-climbing non-geek friends of mine showed up at my apartment and climbed roofs for me, as a "recon."

because i am a tad afraid of heights, during some of their climbing, i sat on the highest roof i could get myself to climb, and engaged in a bit of philosophizing.

i'll share this with you, Snake, if i may.

first, i thought about how lucky i am to have such cool friends.

second, i thought about how lucky i am to live in such a beautiful city.

finally, i thought about how easy it was to change my perspective on things just by lighting a purple candle that says "luck," and sitting on a roof.

while i was thinking these thoughts, three police cars and one paddywagon cruised down my street, and pulled over a driver of a white oldsmobile. i witnessed the event from my roof, much akin to watching it on tv.

although i found that scene to be a bit distracting, it did solidify my current hunch about the recon.

sometimes, all that burning a candle does is shed light on what was there all along.

maybe that was what happened tonight.





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