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september 14, 1996: empty

i have decided.

my life is a travesty.

i make no money. i am in debt. i overbleached my hair, and now it is falling out. i cry over tupac shakur.

i have a ton of education, and i am struggling to find a job as a cocktail waitress.

time after time, i watch people i fell for leave with someone else.

i have no pride. i have no yen.

i don't learn.

i don't learn.

i sit immobilized, not able to do anything.

i alienate people by complaining too much.

i somehow inspire people not to talk to me.

i can't hold a temp job.

i envy people who do great things.

i want to do too many things.

yet it seems to me that i don't even know what i want to do.

i have tried to start over hundreds of times in the last year.

i digress; i regress; i obsess; i noblesse.

and people love me. people hate me.

but i am not the one they love. i am not the one i hate.

i don't exist at all.


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