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september 24, 1998:
if you could read my mind
what a tale my thoughts would tell

"Heroes often fail."

When I was a third year student in law school, interning as a legal advocate at Massachusetts Mental Heath Center, people commented (snickered, perhaps) about how good I was with the mental patients.

To me it was obvious: there was a line, and I was on one side of it, and they were on the other side. But it was not a thick line, and neither of us were far from it. Often it felt like standing on the edge of the line, peering over.

Now there is a feral cat who lives in my back yard. I'm not much of a feral-cat-rescuer; that is Christine's bag. But lately, every time that I take the garbage out, she is there, staring at me, so I go back upstairs, grab some food and water and put it out for her. My containers always disappear the next day, so I bring new ones and do it again.

And for some reason I feel that line-thing again.

I don't live in a very nice place, necessarily. Nor am I particularly wealthy. But I'm here; on this side of the line ...

It's luck, I believe. And at times like this, when I am confused and startled, overwhelmed and somewhat afraid, bittersweet and melancholy, hopeful, sentimental and romantically fanatical .... I'm on this side, I think. I am on this side.

But it is well to remember how narrow the line can be.

"Never thought I'd feel this way ... "
not that I'm able to say all (good) that I mean.

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