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september 28, 1998:
What is,
and what will never be.

The subjunctive mood drives me crazy. It drives me crazy that people cannot seem to grasp it in their writing - - people whom I otherwise would consider intelligent and articulate - - and it drives me crazy that I while I manage consistently to apply it accurately in a grammatical sense, I fuck it up time and time again in a pragmatic one.

There is a difference between what is and what will never be. And there is nothing that I can do about that. As much as it sucks. And as much as it pains me.

My only consolation is that in the constant yearning for the impossible, sometimes the improbable comes true. And perhaps the latter could have no seed without that almost-always-futile almost-certain-to-lead-to painful-disappointment optimism.

Fuck, yes. It is worth the risk.

Laputan (luh-PYOOT-n) adjective

Absurdly impractical or visionary, especially to the neglect of more useful activity.

[After the flying island of Laputa in Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, where absurd projects are pursued and useful pursuits neglected.]

"Nice to know that the cast enjoyed themselves, as is clear from the weighty press release (itself something of a Laputan document)."
Steven Poole, Small screen, Independent, 5 Apr 1996.

(from A Word A Day)

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