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october 15, 1996: consistent inconsistency

i never say never.

I am supportive and sweet. I am a bitch. I am edgy. My life is so fucking interesting. Yet I am bitter. I am an egomaniac. I am humble. I am very very cruel. I am cute and handsome, but not very raunchy. I am a "goddess". I am a groupie. I am Gwen. I am Brooke. I don't believe in love. I am a hopeless romantic.

<bryna> Rebecca, you are contradicting yourself again. That is so boring. YAWN.

<rebecca> but how can i be both inconsistent and boring?

<bryna> Your inconsistency is predictable.

Emerson wrote: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

Ursula K. LeGuin writes: "The only truth I can understand or express is, logically defined, a lie."

Kate Bornstein, sexual outlaw, writes: "For nearly 50 years, I've been quitting identities ... I think it's identity itself I want to quit now."


Consistency is stagnation. While the consistency-enforcers cling to ideas in which they do not even believe; while they strive to reconcile their hypocrisies; while they contort themselves into acrobatic positions of cognitive dissonance resolution;
I move on.

I'd rather be a Wittgenstein, and repudiate all of my former mistakes. Imagine if Descartes would have done so. Imagine if [insert your politician here] would do so.
Imagine if you would do so.

I refuse not to change. I refuse not to quit. I refuse not to hold two completely opposite beliefs at the same time. I refuse not to change my mind.

"Inconsistency means being able to say you're sorry, and mean it."

(Thanks, Tom Hodgkinson, Evan Harris, and the rest of the Utne Reader staff!)

Hence, I present to you my week. A week of Drama, a week of Lust, a week of Resolve; a Week of Hope.

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