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october 7, 1996: distraction.

feeding time.

I confess; I have been terrible updating my pages over the last two weeks. I will try to feed you some worms.

Stow Lake is where I go to cry. Today I went to Stow Lake and did not cry. There were many people there.

I ask the woman behind the food counter for a bag to write on. "You need a bag? Here is a plastic hotdog bag ...."

A mother snatches a water bottle from her daughter's 5-year-old hand. "Don't you think you have had enough water already, young lady!?"

Two white people holding hands. "Did you see 'Friends' Thursday night? hahahaha ...."

"Does this make me look fat?"

"We wanted a yellow paddleboat!"

"Christopher! Christopher! Christopher! Over here! Over here! Over here! Christopher! Christopher! Christopher! Christopher! Christopher!"

"Billy, do not throw rocks at the ducks!"

"What a pretty lake!"

"I wanna go hooooommmme .... "

"I told you not to forget the camcorder!"

"Staaaaaaaahp it!"

"Did you hear that new Hootie and the Blowfish song?"

"Excuse me! Excuse me! Pardon me! Pardon me!

"Mahhhhhm! Zack is pushing meeeee!"

"That's okay, I'll just use this napkin .... "

I. Health

I knew I was finally better last Sunday when I kept thinking, "Damn this Chinese food tastes amazing!"

II. Money

I took my clothes off a lot. This is an experiment. It is only an experiment.

I started to read about the business I am a part of on the well. (It took some encouragement, however, as well as a little bit of schooling.)

I finally sold a little squib-thing to Wired Mag.

I wrote a book review for a print mag.

I got a Killer assignment from ATN.

I pitched like crazy.

III. Education

I went to hear my hero Michael Moore talk.

He still reminds me of Yale.

I was the only person in the room of lemming followers to put him on the spot and disagree with him. Everyone stared at me in horror ... which is ironic since much of Moore's works emphasizes the need to question authority.

After the book reading, I gave him my business card and asked him for a job.

Maybe this should be up in "money."


IV. Self-Absorption

I achieved a new record for Stats. Thanks for hitting me!

V. Confusion.

I got lost a bit.

I confirmed that I do not like malls, even though they often offer reduced prices on certain merchandise.

VI. Hope

Someone nice sent me a plush toy.

Justin is learning to write.

Maybe some of the young gun set have humility.

VII. Tease

Watch this space. And this one.

VIII. Inspiration

I was again reminded that, when people take genuine efforts at seeing another person's point of view, agreement can be reached.

I am becoming more brave.

IX. Pessimism.

I am still broke

My damn car broke down. "A different kind of company, a different kind of car," my ass.

Do you ever notice that, once your entire life is finally feeling a tad organized, and things are starting to seem like they are falling into space ... you then lose your wallet?

(I do.)

X. Glory

New content up at Suck Harder, by my fantasyme, Gangsta Barbie!

A lot of other people tell me that they are bitter too.

Tons of people are signing up for rebecalist. Now I just have to figure out how to use majordomo .

I brought my core of friends to Marc Canter's party. We impostered with iconoclast multimedia personalities, and played on Marc's latest flirting technology.

Flirting is okee by me.

The site I worked on for 10 months just launched.

I even received some credit for it.

Stow Lake is where I go to cry. Today I went to Stow Lake and did not cry. There were too many people there.

I could barely hear the lake.

I think I like the lake better without the voices.

... even if it makes me cry.

I am still broke. Feel free to join rebecalist. And if you missed it, here is some new content.

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